Monday, February 6, 2012

Readers Respond

I have to say that one of my goals in starting this blog was to find out things I didn't already know. On the one hand, it helps because knowing I have to blog keeps me on my journey, at least somewhat. When I start feeling shy about checking out a new congregation or interviewing someone, I think of the need to keep going with this project, and that gets me out of the house.

But more than that, I was hoping to find some people out there who know what I don't. And yesterday, two readers posted really thoughtful comments that are contributing to my education.

If you didn't see it in the comments, you should read this article from Ha'aretz that Suzanne told me about. I'd discuss it, but there's nothing much to say: it states my frustrations very clearly and makes me wish I could find more people who agree with it. Unfortunately, Suzanne lives in New Zealand and the article is written by an Israeli. Neither is around the corner. But I love that I'm hearing inspiring news from readers around the world. I'd love to hear more!

On the flip side, a reader named Ethan argues that I should consider becoming more observant. I want to give his comments the thoughtful response it deserves, and I don't have time now, so I'll make that another post tomorrow.

Keep on educating me, world!

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  1. Sorry for my randomly unchronological comments by the way, I've been enjoying reading your back catalogue!

    Another website you might find interesting is I'd also strongly recommend Mordecai Kaplan's "The Meaning of God in the Jewish Religion" if you're keen to discover more about the theological underpinnings of Reconstructionism and haven't read it already. And one more for tonight - I'm currently reading a book by Karen Armstrong called "A History of God", which is excellent.

    Looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow.